Jersey Mike's Subs Menu Prices & Hours in Boulder City, Colorado

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2660 Pearl St, Boulder, CO

(254) 366-3470

Jersey Mike's Subs Menu

Jersey Mike's Subs Menu with Prices Boulder City

Restaurant Menu

Cold Subs
Turkey and Provolone$7.25Regular
Turkey and Provolone$12.95Giant
Turkey and Provolone$5.45Mini
Turkey and Provolone$7.25Wrap
Turkey and Provolone$7.25Sub In A Tub
The Original Italian$8.25Regular
The Original Italian$13.95Giant
The Original Italian$5.95Mini
The Original Italian$8.25Wrap
The Original Italian$8.25Sub In A Tub
Club Sub$8.25Regular
Club Sub$13.95Giant
Club Sub$5.95Mini
Club Sub$8.25Wrap
Club Sub$8.25Sub In A Tub
Club Supreme$8.25Regular
Club Supreme$13.95Giant
Club Supreme$5.95Mini
Club Supreme$8.25Wrap
Club Supreme$8.25Sub In A Tub
Roast Beef and Provolone$8.25Regular
Roast Beef and Provolone$13.95Giant
Roast Beef and Provolone$5.95Mini
Roast Beef and Provolone$8.25Wrap
Roast Beef and Provolone$8.25Sub In A Tub
The American Classic$6.35Regular
The American Classic$11.95Giant
The American Classic$5.25Mini
The American Classic$6.35Wrap
The American Classic$6.35Sub In A Tub
Tuna Fish$7.25Regular
Tuna Fish$12.95Giant
Tuna Fish$5.45Mini
Tuna Fish$7.25Wrap
Tuna Fish$7.25Sub In A Tub
The Super Sub$7.25Regular
The Super Sub$12.95Giant
The Super Sub$5.45Mini
The Super Sub$7.25Wrap
The Super Sub$7.25Sub In A Tub
Jersey Shore Favorite$6.35Regular
Jersey Shore Favorite$11.95Giant
Jersey Shore Favorite$5.25Mini
Jersey Shore Favorite$6.35Wrap
Jersey Shore Favorite$6.35Sub In A Tub
Chicken Club$8.25Regular
Chicken Club$13.95Giant
Chicken Club$5.95Mini
Chicken Club$8.25Wrap
Chicken Club$8.25Sub In A Tub
BLT$6.95Sub In A Tub
The Veggie$6.35Regular
The Veggie$11.95Giant
The Veggie$5.25Mini
The Veggie$6.35Wrap
The Veggie$6.35Sub In A Tub
The Number Four$6.95Regular
The Number Four$12.95Giant
The Number Four$5.45Mini
The Number Four$6.95Wrap
The Number Four$6.95Sub In A Tub
Provolone Ham Salami$6.95Regular
Provolone Ham Salami$12.95Giant
Provolone Ham Salami$5.45Mini
Provolone Ham Salami$6.95Wrap
Provolone Ham Salami$6.95Sub In A Tub
The Cancro Special$6.95Regular
The Cancro Special$12.95Giant
The Cancro Special$5.45Mini
The Cancro Special$6.95Wrap
The Cancro Special$6.95Sub In A Tub
Hot Subs
Philly Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.45Regular
Philly Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$12.95Giant
Philly Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.45Wrap
Philly Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.45Sub In A Tub
Chipotle Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.45Regular
Chipotle Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$12.95Giant
Chipotle Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.45Wrap
Chipotle Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.45Sub In A Tub
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.95Regular
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$13.95Giant
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.95Wrap
Big Kahuna Cheese Steak (Beef or Chicken)$7.95Sub In A Tub
Chicken California Cheese Steak$7.45Regular
Chicken California Cheese Steak$12.95Giant
Chicken California Cheese Steak$7.45Wrap
Chicken California Cheese Steak$7.45Sub In A Tub
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak$7.95Regular
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak$13.95Giant
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak$7.95Wrap
Chicken Buffalo Cheese Steak$7.95Sub In A Tub
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak$7.95Regular
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak$13.95Giant
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak$7.95Wrap
Chicken Bacon Ranch Cheese Steak$7.95Sub In A Tub
Meatball and Cheese$7.45Regular
Meatball and Cheese$12.95Giant
Meatball and Cheese$7.45Wrap
Meatball and Cheese$7.45Sub In A Tub
Chicken Parm$7.45Regular
Chicken Parm$12.95Giant
Chicken Parm$7.45Wrap
Chicken Parm$7.45Sub In A Tub
Grilled Pastrami Reuben$7.45Regular
Grilled Pastrami Reuben$12.95Giant
Grilled Pastrami Reuben$7.45Wrap
Grilled Pastrami Reuben$7.45Sub In A Tub
Chicken Caesar$7.95
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.95
Grilled Veggie Wrap$7.95
Baja Chicken Wrap$7.95
Turkey Wrap$7.95
Chips, Drinks & Dessert
Chip Drink Combo$2.7922 oz.
Chip Drink Combo$2.9932 oz.
Fountain Drink$1.8922 oz.
Fountain Drink$2.2932 oz.
Bottled Drinks$2.29
Cookie$0.651 Pc.
Cookies$1.853 Pc.
Brownie$1.891 Pc.
Catering Menu
Subs By The Box (Feeds 10)$58.00
Lunch Box$10.15Regular
Lunch Box$7.85Mini
Cookies$7.7512 Pc.
Brownies$9.9512 Pc.