American Deli Menu Prices & Hours in Hoover City, Alabama

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5519 Grove Blvd, Hoover, AL

American Deli Menu

American Deli Menu with Prices Hoover City

Restaurant Menu

Cold Sub
hot xtra $0.50
Roast Beef$5.79
Corn Beef$5.79
Pastrami or Tuna$5.79with fries and drink
Chicken Finger
4 PC with fries and drink$6.49
Corn Beef or Turkey$6.28with fries and drink, sauerkraut, thousand, Swiss cheese
Buffalo Wings
10 Pc Wings$6.99with celery, bleu cheese, fries and drink, (all flat, drum or split, xtra $ 0.50), (mild, med, hot)
Philly Special
Beef or Chicken$6.28with fries and drink
Wing and Philly
6 PC Wings$7.99with burger, philly or gyro dressing and drink
Deli Combo
6 PC Wings$7.49with cold sub or small salad dressing and drink, hot xtra $0.75
6 Pc Wings$7.49with cold sub or small salad, dressing and drink (hot xtra $0.75)
Lemon Pepper or B.B.Q. Wings
10 PC Wings$6.99with celery, bleu cheese, fries and drink (all flat, drum or split xtra $0.50)
Wings Order
10 PC$5.99
20 PC$11.49
30 PC$16.99
50 PC$27.99
75 PC$38.99
100 PC$49.99
Shrimp Special
8 PC Shrimp$7.49with cocktail sauce, fries and drink
Gyro Special
Gyro$5.99with fries and drink
Chicken or Beef Wrap$5.99with fries and drink
Chef$4.49 - $5.49
Tuna$4.49 - $5.49
Grilled Chicken$4.49 - $5.49
Garden$3.49 - $4.49
Coke$0.93 - $1.40
Diet Coke$0.93 - $1.40
Sprite$0.93 - $1.40
Fanta Orange$0.93 - $1.40
Dr Pepper$0.93 - $1.40
Lemonade$0.93 - $1.40
Fruit Punch$0.93 - $1.40
Peach$0.93 - $1.40
Tea$0.93 - $1.40
Side Order
Order Fries$1.87
Extra Celery$0.47
Bleu Cheese or Cheese$0.47
Whole Pickle$1.12
Family Fries